Injury Management

Massage for Sports Injuries

An injury to anyone who loves to be active is more than just pain and frustration. When sport is your passion, an injury can be emotionally devastating.

The treatment

Your therapist will provide a comprehensive treatment plan including massage and stretching. You may experience some discomfort at first with massage directly on or near an injured area but the sensation should lessen after a few minutes. Always let your massage therapist know if your session is uncomfortable in anyway. We can work within your comfort level with effective results.

Post Treatment

Reduce activities over the next 24 hours. Always drink plenty of water. Talk with your therapist to determine how massage will work with your training program.

Massage for Injury Prevention

A variety of remedial massage techniques can help with injuries such as tendinitis, muscle strains and ligament sprains. As massage increases circulation, it can also reduce swelling and increase the supply of nutrients needed for healing. Your body repairs injuries with scar tissue consisting of tightly matted fibres of collagen. These fibres tear and re-tear easily making healing difficult and your range of motion painful and restricted. Massage techniques can limit scar tissue formation in new injuries and can reduce scar tissue around old injuries.
With regular remedial massage treatment your muscles can be restored to a pain free range of movement.